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A Bit of Gratuitous Gore

Monday October 24

"After writing farewell letters to his wife and baby daughter, and showing more concern on the scaffold for the psychological trauma suffered by his fellow condemned prisoner, Cooke was briefly hanged; his genitals were sliced off and shown to him; a hot corkscrew-like implement was inserted in his anus and used to withdraw his bowels, which were then put to the torch and slowly burned before his eyes; and finally his pumping heart was extracted and his body beheaded and quartered."

Mmmm...yummy eh? It's from a newly-published book by Geoffrey Robertson Q.C. titled "The Tyrannicide Brief: the Story of the Man who Sent Charles I to the Scaffold" published by Chatto & Windus. Can't wait to read it. Love the smell of blood in the morning...don't you?231239-195439-thumbnail.jpg
Click to enlarge Sweetie
Illustration from Charles Burns graphic novel "Black Hole" published by Jonathon Cape and out now. Both reviewed at www.arts.telegraph.co.uk

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