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FREE one-way Trip to Bali!

Bali's Bombing Baby
Wednesday October 26

This is taken straight off my mates site at THE CHASER Check it out. Sensational Australian humour. They're on television, radio, newspapers and the net. Soon opening a branch office on the moon with a Mars landing planned for 2007.

Garuda offering free one-way tickets to Bali
Their business hurting after a wave of bomb attacks and drug arrests, Garuda airlines are offering heavily discounted ‘Adventure Tour’ packages to Bali. Tourists will be tempted with free one-way tickets and one-and-a-half nights’ accomodation at participating hotels and hospitals. Local gaols are promising even longer low-cost stays.

Check out The Chaser at CNNNN.com HERE as well. The Newsbar is the funniest part for me.

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