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Dress Up Jennifer Lopez

Undress J Lo
Dress Up or Undress J Lo Apparently there's a whole industry out there devoted to Dress Up. And some of these sites are pretty good for crazy dress-up stuff.

Over at dress up games they have a selection of punk, gothic, lolita, emo, rock, cartoon dolls, dress up games and dollmakers. I followed a link there to Emo vs Punk Dress Up from deviantART.231239-1051973-thumbnail.jpg
emo vs punk dress up

Or you could dress up the stars. Jennifer Lopez is a favourite player in that genre. Not all these sites are targeted to little girls though. This one for instance, not only lets you dress up J Lo but undress her as well. Well naughty. There's also a link there to a celebrity toon sex game. Whatever does it for you I guess. But you can't go past playing dress-ups with Paris Hilton in jail231239-1051961-thumbnail.jpg
Dress Paris in Jail
And when you're sick of dressing and undressing dopey celebrities you can always go across to this site and warp your favourite celebrities. Look what I've done with Angelina Jolie - 231239-1051964-thumbnail.jpg
Angelina Jolie with herpes
Have a go at warping the stars and send me the results to post here.

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