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Tattoos - 15 Ways of WRONG

Tattoo Designs

- Just When You Thought it Safe To Go Back To The Tattoo Parlour...Along Comes...

Have a look at this collection of wronguns. Some are truly badass, some are funny and some are just plain sad. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.
  • 231239-1180627-thumbnail.jpg
    James Brown Tattoo?
    Knocking on Heaven's Door - it's a beauty isn't it?

  • 231239-1180659-thumbnail.jpg
    Michael Jackson loves kids
    Great idea huh? Wish I had one like this. On the leg too.

  • 231239-1180673-thumbnail.jpg
    Suit & Tie
    This is a really good corporate look don't you think?

  • 231239-1180679-thumbnail.jpg
    The worst tattoo ever?
    Oh I don't know...I find it quite charming.

  • tattoo5.jpgthe skull tattoo.

  • 231239-1180692-thumbnail.jpg
    Bikini Girl Tattoo
    She's a glamour isn't she?

  • 231239-1180723-thumbnail.jpg
    Tattooed baby
    "They said no smoking and no drinking - nothing about no tattooing".

  • 231239-1180734-thumbnail.jpg
    "F**k the Systsem"
    I'll spell it anyway I like.

  • 231239-1180742-thumbnail.jpg
    Rolex Tattoo
    A timeless design.

  • 231239-1180749-thumbnail.jpg
    Levi backpocket tattoo
    Wallet-bulge to come.

  • 231239-1180756-thumbnail.jpg
    Butt Tattoo
    One of our dwarves is missing.

  • 231239-1180812-thumbnail.jpg
    Fight tattoo
    "I wanna look like I've been dragged behind a car for a hundred yards".

  • 231239-1180820-thumbnail.jpg
    Scribble tattoo
    Never fall asleep leaving your kid alone with a tattoo gun.

  • 231239-1180822-thumbnail.jpg
    Tattoo under the microscope
    Just what you want downunder isn't it.

  • 231239-1180826-thumbnail.jpg
    Two-faced tattoo
    Watch your back.

  • Tattoo Me Now!

    Do you have a tattoo or are you thinking of getting one? Will it hurt? Check out the Tattoo-Pain-O-Meter.


    • Annoying pinpricks

    ** Repeated cat scratches

    *** From deep paper cuts to small blowtorch

    **** Bring a piece of leather to gnaw on

    ***** Crying or passing out is not only accepted, it's expected in the parlour.

    Still fancy a tattoo? No worries. Ouch!

    You don't have to go completely ape like this old guy has. You could settle for something like this celtic design on the right -

    Here's some more beauties - The Italian text on the left says "The Winner of the Prestigious Prize: Ruined for Life" - no idea what it means. Do you think he trims it into a Brazilian? Below, another idiot. On the bottom, Belly-button skater. Very classy look.

    Less we forget -

    And the latest - Chicken wings on a chicks back - WTF. Apparently they're red because her drunken-assed boyfriend was trying to eat them?

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