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Just Say "NON"

Friday September 2, 2005

click on shocking image
From a story running on Adland site at http://www.ad-rag.com 

The Hollywood life of sex and drugs isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. O.K. now that I’ve managed to work Hollywood and crack into my copy we can move on.

This is a poster for the new French shock/horror magazine Choc.

It shows mug shots taken over ten years of a 39 year old hooker/drug addict Roseanne Holland of Tinseltown, California.

The pics are arrest booking photographs from the Hollywood Police Department and as such are public record.

These photos have been kicking around for at least the last four years. They were used in a poster campaign by the British last year. And now the French are using them to flog magazines.

The photographs speak for themselves really.

C’est la vie. Or not, as it happens.

See the original 10 arrest photographs (from 29-yrs to 39-yrs) here:


And for bigger pictures go here:


Postscript: From the Police Webmaster -  The Hollywood Police Department has received numerous inquiries and comments from around the world concerning the woman in the above photographs. The last photograph in this series was taken over 12 years ago. As of this date (09/21/2001), the woman would be 56 years old. The woman's last recorded local arrest was in 1ç89. While we do not know of her current fate, the Hollywood Police Department hopes that she has found better fortune during the past 12 years. 

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