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Indian Skywalk - with some reservations

don't look down
Thursday September 1

An American Indian tribe with land along the Grand Canyon is planning to build a glass-bottomed walkway,  jutting 70 feet (21.3M) out from the canyons edge and 4,000 feet (1219M) up from the canyon floor. Wooaw! With a glass-bottomed floor you say? I'll have some of that.

The horseshoe-shaped skywalk, expected to open next January, is part of the Hualapai Tribe's effort to turn 1,000 acres of reservation land into a tourist trap...ah...destination. It will also feature an Indian village and Western-themed town. (And no doubt gunfights and the rest.)

The tribe's reservation is 200 miles (322k) by road to the west of the Grand Canyon National Park that most tourists visit. (How we gonna get more rednecks Chief?  I know...what about a glass-bottomed skywalk?!)

The walkway will be supported by steel beams and can hold 120 people (God willing). Although it's designed to take 72 million pounds ( 32.5 million kilos), said Sheri Yellowhawk, Big Chief Executive Officer of the Grand Canyon Resort Corporation - the tribal-owned company overseeing the project.

Admission will be $25.

The project is still seeking an insurer.

This is exakery what we need for the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. Whadya reckon? The aborigines could claim Native Title to the Three Sisters (or do they have it already?) and whack up one of these see-through skywalk thingies. There could be a Blacks Camp, boomerang-throwing, bushrangers and everything. It'd be great! The Japs would love it. Think I'll draft a letter to the Premier of New South Whales right now. Dear Whatever-your-name-is (something wog, I think), I have a terrific idea to boost tourism numbers to the Blue Mountains National Park....

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See the true facts before you waste your 25 bucks... and $3.50 a gallon driving there.

March 11, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterDavid Cummings

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