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What a Load of Crap!

Oh my God!
no shit!
no shit!

Thursday August 25

You may know that Paris has a big problem with doggy-doo on its streets. The Town Hall has tried and tried to address this problem. They've had poster campaigns pleading with people to 'ramasser' - to pick up their dog-shit. Didn't work. They've supplied plastic bags in strategic locations. Didn't work. They've threatened to fine people (€50 I think) for letting their pooches prop anywhere. Didn't work. For awhile they even had blokes on motorbikes with built-in vacuum cleaners on the back whizzing around Paris and sucking the stuff up.  Didn't work - the bikies got the shits and pissed off.

Well if you think Paris has a dog poo problem, what about Hungary? Budapest has just launched a Million dollar campaign to clean-up the streets of dog caca. They have the biggest dog population in Europe - an estimated 400,000 mutts leaving 14,600 tonnes of crap yearly on the streets and parks. That's a lot of crap!

 Now I just need to find some shit to illustrate this story. Hang about.

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