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Oh...and a K.B. for the Young Bloke

You've got to hand it to the Japanese. If there's one word that describes them best it's gotta be innovative.

How's this? The clever Japanese have come up with a children's soft drink designed to look exactly like beer. It's called Kid's Beer (kodomo biiru in Japanese), a non-alcoholic drink which contains guarana and tastes like cola. It's sold in brown glass bottles and has a frothy, lager-like head when poured. More details here -


Isn't that great? Now kids won't feel left out when Mum and Dad are on the Turps.

The labels, which depict cartoon characters, carry the slogan

"Even kids can't stand life unless they have a drink".

 So true, So true.

One advertisement says

"For those of you who can't drink, this has a bubbly head that'll you'll like and a fizzy flavour that spreads refreshment through your body - it's perfect for those evenings when you want to be a bit like an adult."

Great copy eh? Although I would have added "And isn't that all the time?"

The legal drinking age in Japan is 20 so this Kids Beer is filling a niche market. It sells 75,000 bottles a month and is available in 150 restaurants across Japan. Soon it will be available in Europe and the U.K.

I can't wait to get my young bloke started on it. Might see if I can get some KidsFags for him as well.


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