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Dopey Dodi & Ditzy Diana immortalised (again)

dumb & dumber
dumb & dumber
dead ducks
dead ducks

Thursday August 25

There's a report in this morning's Metro newspaper - the free rag they give out at the entrance to the Metro stations here - that Mohammed al-Fayed will soon erect a bronze sculpture of DooDoo and DeeDee in his shop Harrods  ("Lady Di et Dodi chez Harrod's "(sic)).

He already has a shrine of sorts in the department store with photos of the lovebirds surrounded by cast seagulls. But this is the Real McCoy. He's gone for the big-bird look. In this  one the couple are depicted holding hands and gazing into each others eyes under the wings of an Albatross. An Albatross? Wouldn't a Dodo be more appropriate...as in Dead as a Dodo? According to this report, the Albatross represents eternity and good fortune.  Pity they didn't have one in the car with them, then.

DeeDee is shown wearing a décolletée top and DooDoo is baring his chest-pubes.  (She's saying "Do you think we'll make it?"  And he's replying "Of course Darling...we're in a Mercedes - the safest car in the world." 

 Sorry, I'm being insensitive. What she's really saying is  "I feel like a bit of a dill playing statues under this bird, don't you?" and he says "Never mind Squidgey - it'll soon be over.")

The title of the statue is given as Innocent (fashion)Victims.

The couple came to grief nearly eight years ago (31 August 1997) in the underpass near Pont de l'Alma across the river from La Tour Eiffel. I can't drive past without thinking about what went down there. Some say the Benz slammed into the 13th column - probably just more of the myth surrounding the tragedy. Will it ever end?

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