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Home Coke Dispenser

click for coke
From the rand of the rising sun comes...

It has been estimated that in Japan there is one vending machine per 23 people (Japan Guide), meaning that there are roughly 5.5 million machines in all the territory. Most of them sell soft drinks such as tea, coffee, juice and carbonated beverages, in cans or pet bottles, at prices ranging from 110 to 150 yen. And the more rare ones sell meal packs, fresh vegetables, noodles, disposable cameras, tampons, etc.

Now you can also have your own vending machine at home, for the times you feel dissatisfied with the ones in the street. This "Mini Vending Machine MSO-016" is designed for home use and works with special (fake) coins, keeping up to 10 cans. The lights of the buttons indicate if the drink is available or not, just like the real vending machines.


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