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Pet Shop Boys & Girls

crap graphic design
Wodensday November 16
From the Land of the Free comes this -

You want Quirky? Here it is gang - straight from the dogcrap Press Release.

"Your Pet Product Could Be Worth $40,000"

"Always thinking of great ideas for your pets? (yeah...strangle 'em)
PetSafe challenges the public to enter innovative, quirky, fun or helpful pet ideas between October 1st and November 30th, 2005, on www.ideafetch.com for the chance to win $40,000 along with having their idea developed into product and sold at PETCO stores nationwide. It’s all part of PetSafe’s first pet “idea” contest called IdeaFetch.

"In addition to entering ideas, the public is invited to help select the contest winner by voting online for their favorite entry. (Gosh! what fun kids.)

"PetSafe’s IdeaFetch is a fun, innovative, consumer-driven contest designed to catch new pet product ideas that enhance the relationship between pet owners, families and their pet(s) and ultimately improve a pet’s quality of life." (Yeah...yeah...yeah - just show me the money, schmuck.)

“As far as we know there has never been a contest as broad as IdeaFetch or one that allows consumers the opportunity to vote,” shares Doug Grindstaff, PetSafe VP of Marketing & Business Development. “The great part is you don’t have to be an engineer or have financial backing to enter; all you need is an idea and love for pets. PetSafe then brings the winning pet product idea to life.”

Don't forget to check out the site for "Your pet's zodiac sign" and "Pet product ideas of the Rich and Famous". Like this one -

"Most dog owners have experienced their crafty pet breaking loose from time-to-time. Here's a way to keep your animal in check, and safe. It's the digital dog collar. The digital dog collar allows pet owners to phone their pet via cell phone, triggering a reflex motion with the "sound" of the ring tone, that prompts the pet to head home. The dog is pre-conditioned by the owner prior to using the digital dog collar, by feeding the pet every time it hears the ring tone. The dog therefore associates the sound of the ring tone, with food and home. As a backup, a GPS chip is located in the collar, allowing the owner to track their pet.

Michael Shapiro (a.k.a. Pavlov)
Recording Artist and Pet Parent to Ralphie and Barney — his 2 labs who always make an appearance on stage."

Make a what on stage?

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