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Taking the Piss

toilets.gif231239-208071-thumbnail.jpg231239-208074-thumbnail.jpg231239-208077-thumbnail.jpgSaturday November 12

If you're travelling in Australia you have no need to be "caught short" with the advent of this site - the NATIONAL PUBLIC TOILET MAP an initiative of the National Continence Management Strategy.

Just mouse over the map of Australia and click on where you want to spend a penny, and Voila! - a list of public and sometimes private facilities pops up. New South Wales seems to have the most dunnies with 4414 conveniences listed. Whilst Canberra and the Northern Territory are neck and neck with 199 and 201 respectively.

You can also Find the Nearest Loo by searching "near an address", "at a point of interest" or "at a latitude & logitude".

But you'll need to Log In and Register. (Ha ha. The Webmaster has a sense of humour.)

What's next? A Michelin Guide to Australian Dunnies?

Oh yeah...I nearly forgot..you can use the Dunny Guide with your GPS as well. You know..for when you're lost in the Great Sandy Desert and desperately need to find the outhouse. Although sometimes the nearest half-civilized toilet is 300 kilometres away.

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