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Plenty of Fish Landing Plenty of Money

PlentyofFish, the free dating site, is making it's owner over $15k a day. And $10k of that is coming from Google Adsense earnings alone - he's their best client. Truly amazing huh? And still, as I understand it, a one-man show. Run from Markus Frind's Toronto apartment. Is this the future? Can we all become online moguls this way? We probably need to learn code and write our own algorithms just like Markus has. Read more on this remarkable business below.
Posted on Tuesday, May 20, 2008 at 10:28AM by Registered CommenterMalcolm Lambe | Comments1 Comment

Plentyoffish - 50 Million Daily Pageviews

Key Party
Holy Moley...PlentyofFish founder Marcus Frind reports on his blog that he's passed the 50 million daily page views.

Last month marked the first time I passed 50 Million daily pageviews and 50 Million monthly visitors, basically passing all the milestones I’d ever set for the site.

And what sort of money is this one-man-show work-from-home operation making? Millions. He's pulling over $10k a day - yep, a day, from Google Adsense alone (making him their #1 customer).

I've blogged before about PlentyofFish and Marcus Frind. Read below. I'm in awe of this 30 year old. Oh yeah...he's also a mathematical genius.

His blog is also talking about spammers cracking Captcha codes

Spammers can crack any captcha on any site now in a matter of seconds. There are even sites like CaptchaKiller.com which allow you to break captcha’s using API’s.

Marcus was able to break any dating site's captcha. Including his own Plentyoffish captcha.

CaptchaKiller would have us believe they are providing a public service -

CAPTCHA Killer is 100% focused on increasing accessibility on the Internet. There are over 1 Million Americans that suffer from blindness. CAPTCHA Killer can be used to automatically translate an image into the underlying text...Won't spammers use this? - They wish! We don't do business with spammers. We can detect and delete spammers from the system.

Sure you can.

Posted on Wednesday, April 30, 2008 at 12:50AM by Registered CommenterMalcolm Lambe | Comments1 Comment

PlentyofFish Makes "Top Ten U.S. Sites"

PofF 8/10

This is incredible! Look at this. PlentyofFish has beaten MSN and Facebook on the Compete.com Top Ten U.S websites ranking (based on the parameters below - not just traffic). Not just that - look at the other sites on this list - Pogo - a games site, followed by two gay date sites (ha ha) and a site dedicated to scribblers. And the avatar playground for kids GaiaonLine is performing well too. Markus Frind has this to say about his site's listing -

The average unique visitor spends 3.6 hours a month on Plentyoffish.com verses 2.8 hours/month on Facebook.com. Considering Plentyoffish has 30% monthly turnover in members, showing up in that list at all is absolutely amazing and shows just how useful & addictive the site really is.

PofFRanking.jpgI think it also helps his traffic the way he regularly nudges you with an email ;-)

More on this here at Plentyoffish

Posted on Thursday, December 6, 2007 at 02:14PM by Registered CommenterMalcolm Lambe | CommentsPost a Comment

Plenty of Fish On Video

PlentyofFish founder-thumbnail.jpg
Markus Frind
Pretty cheesy video of geeky PlentyofFish founder Markus Frind on his hosts site Peer1.com

Here's part of what they say about him -

"Google Adsense millionaire Markus Frind, founder of PlentyofFish was a database and web developer who graduated from college in 1999 with a diploma in computer science. This was also the time of the dot-com meltdown. Jumping from job-to-job, Markus began developing a home-grown site to help himself learn ASP.net. Rather than buy a book, he learned by adding new functions and features to the site. He also started experimenting with search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and incorporating them into the site. Gradually, it morphed quite unintentionally into an online dating center. The site has continued growing astronomically ever since and is now the No. 1 free online dating site in the world, averaging 8 million unique visitors per month. His bank account has grown fatter as well thanks to the Google ads he runs on the site. He has also garnered international attention, including being featured in the Wall Street Journal and on the Today Show.

What makes Markus’ story even more incredible is that he is the sole operator of the company who wears all the hats – Executive, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Business Development, and Customer Service. He operates PlentyofFish out of PEER 1’s data center location in Vancouver, Canada with just one web server, one mail server, and two database servers. Most sites with his volume run servers numbering in the hundreds and its Markus efficient use of human resources and hardware that he is most proud of. He also seems to relish in his unlikely status as the online ‘love doctor’ and seeing the hundreds of thousands of people he has helped to connect successfully using his unique ‘compatibility predictor’ algorithm. And there are, no doubt, countless interesting and amusing PlentyofFish inspired stories out there."

PlentyofFish On Video

Posted on Sunday, December 2, 2007 at 02:22PM by Registered CommenterMalcolm Lambe | CommentsPost a Comment

PlentyofFish - How to Start Your Own Dating Site

Plenty of Fish?
Plenty of Fish or plenty of people trying to do the same thing? Adult Dating Services - a lucrative home-based business or just another get-rich-quick scheme?

They say over a third of all people on the net are single. "Beauty!" you say "I'll start a dating site!" PlentyofFish founder Markus Frind is raking in over $10,000 a day from Google Adsense alone. And he's running the business on his own from his apartment. But is it as easy as all that?

PlentyofFish Start Up Costs?

Well obviously you're going to need a Domain name and a site - probably a hosted site to begin with - until you reach 10 Million Hits a Day like Marcus Frind's PlentyofFish Dating Site. You can register a Domain Name for less than ten bucks but you might want to protect your details so that'll add another ten bucks a year. Then you'll want Web hosting for around $10 per month. You can get some very good template designs from a hosted service that allows you to tweak the template - like this one I'm on - Squarespace. Click the button on the Navigation Column to the left and they'll give you a month's free trial - without even taking your credit card details. They're a good mob this one. I've been with them over two years. And here's the thing - the Search Engines love them - you'll get crawled by the spiders within hours of setting up your site. Some people wait months for Google to take notice and list them. Not with Squarespace.

So How Do You Make Money From a Dating Site Like PlentyofFish?

Possibly the easiest way is just to put some Google Adsense on your pages. But you can also make decent money from affiliate programs as well. You can always join a big dating affiliate program like Cashring or even set up your own dating site through them - "Our members get laid, our affiliates get paid". Cashring has over 4 million members worldwide. They supply the banners and marketing tools like link generators enabling you to create links for specific niche groups. This allows you to target search terms with less competition. Targeting a specific niche produces better conversion ratios. You get paid a commission every time a free member decides to purchase a premium membership.

Once you've set up your site you'll need traffic. Lots of it. And therein is the biggest problem - how to drive traffic to your site - how to get noticed. One of the best sources of free Organic traffic is search engines. You're going to need to know something about search engine optimization. Read Boost Your Google Ranking for starters.

Pay Per Click Programs on PlentyofFish

Markus Frind doesn't use any Pay-Per-Click advertising. He's built his business from word-of-mouth, organic searches and plenty of free publicity through magazine, radio and televisions stories on him. But you may have to use some pay-per-click to get your site up and running. You do this with pay-per-click search engine ads with keywords in the headline. They can be used to complement your other marketing or as a unique strategy. It can be costly but is a quick way of getting traffic to a brand new site. Especially if Google is ignoring your new site (because you didn't host it on Squarespace). Google AdWords is the main player in pay-per-click advertising and they have really good tutorials to get you started. The secret is to use Niche keywords that don't have much competition and are cheaper to bid on. And then you use arbitrage techniques - it costs you ten cents to attract the customer but he clicks on an ad that pays twenty five cents so you make fifteen cents.

Powering Up Your Dating Website

Search Engines love good content. You can get Dating Website Software to establish your home-based dating site but to make it more attractive and relevant to the search engines you might like to add some resources and a blog. There's plenty of stuff to write about. A good one is always stories about how people met through a dating site and ended up getting married and living happily ever after. But you could also cover issues like Gay Dating, Dating for Seniors, Dating for People with Disabilities, Dating for Herpes Sufferers - that kind of thing. Another article could be on How to Make the First Contact - covering pretty important personal safety issues.

Marcus Frind's free dating site PlentyofFish has rapidly become the #1 Free Dating Site because of the way he's set it up. He doesn't just let you register and find your own date - although you can do that if you want. He actually matches you up with people. He's built his own unique and sophisticated algorithms (he's a computer programmer and mathematical genius).

I've invented stuff like multi-dimensional wheel sieve. I create very advanced algorithms. The more you search and the more you use the site, the more it limits your view of the people you see. So if you only message smokers, then it doesn't matter what pages you're on, you're only going to see smokers. It generates a database on the site that's built around your preferences, which is something that no other dating site is capable of doing yet. It's technically not feasible for them at least using known algorithms. I invented algorithms that no one else thought were feasible. What you say you want and what you actually want are two different things. It hardly ever corresponds on a dating site. So I just track a user and see what they're actually doing on the site and then show them matches based on their actual surfing preferences. My site is deceptively simple but no one knows just how complex it is under the surface.

And the other thing PlentyofFish does is regularly email you. Like this - "View your latest matches here **********
Plentyoffish.com is larger than all other free dating sites combined!

1. You can now easily check your messages via a cell phone.
2. Latest signups -- > ********
3. Users online in your city -- > ********
4. If you have found your match you can delete your account in the help menu.
5. Read your new emails here --> *******
6. Who checked out your profile? -->*******
7. Compatibility Test to Measure Chemistry --> *******"

Obviously this helps maintain PlentyofFish's spectacularly high website traffic of 10 Million Hits a Day. And as Markus himself says "With that kind of traffic I could be selling dogfood off the site and still be making money".

So there you have it - How to Start Your Own Dating Site Just don't call it PlentyofFish

Posted on Friday, November 30, 2007 at 08:13AM by Registered CommenterMalcolm Lambe | Comments3 Comments
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