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Front-Wheel Drive Motorbike of 1935

Killinger & Freund
Lovely lines on this 1935 Killinger and Freund motrocyle eh? It's a streamlined version of the 600cc Megola front-wheel drive motorcycle - a prominent race-winner throughout the 1920s.

Has a three cylinder two-stroke engine built into the front wheel. It was a big improvement over the old Megola design. The weight of the engine was lower. With the front wheel it was 50 kg (110 lbs). Came with a two-speed transmission built as a differential transmission and used slope-meshed gears.

The motorbike was intended for civilian production but World War II intervened. Happily one prototype was discovered by the US Army in 1945 at a German military installation. 231239-1545822-thumbnail.jpg
U.S. soldier on K&F

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