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Let's go (snow)surfing now

getting some air
This could be the "next big thing" on the slopes. The snowsurfer - a snowboard mounted on a ski. But it's gone further than that - there are no bindings - you just jump on and off.

The Barefoot snowsurfer was invented by 27-year old Cornwall surfer Grant Strover. He didn't like the feeling of being strapped on to a snowboard. 231239-270002-thumbnail.jpg231239-270030-thumbnail.jpg

The idea is that you ride the board like a surfboard, rather than a snowboard. On a snowboard your weight is on the front foot. On the snowsurfer it's on the back foot, like surfing. So you just jump on and assume a knees-bent surfing pose and they reckon within an hour you'll get the hang of it and be carving. You also use the upper body more than on a snowboard.The principle is straightforward. The bottom ski is a carving ski, so you move from edge to edge very fluidly. Moving your weight on the larger top board (set 90mm above the ski) has a greater effect on the angle of the ski, which gives you easy turns without too much effort.

no bindings
The snowsurfer doesn't come cheap though. £249 for a "quick release" top deck and truck to attach to any ski. £499 for the complete deal. Comes with a leg-rope so you don't take somebody out with a runaway ski.

See the video and more here -

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