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Hard-Hitting or What!!

pretty graphic
pretty graphic

Wednesday August 24

Have a look at this television commercial that went to air in the U.K. four days ago. It's shot entirely on mobile video phone (apparently the first time this has been done). It shows a group of teenagers having a good time walking along a suburban street. One of them starts to cross the road but is distracted by his friends. He looks one way as he steps into the road but a car comes from the other direction and ....


Six out of ten British teens have either been in an accident/near miss or know someone at school who has. Teens get distracted when they cross the road by talking and having fun with their mates, chatting on the mobile phone, listening to music or just thinking about something else.

The U.K. figures are pretty appalling - traffic is the single biggest cause of accidental death for 12-16 year olds. Last year 146 teens (11-16) were killed as pedestrians and 3,087 seriously injured.

It's not just a British problem. Here in Paris the green Walk sign means nothing. You must give way to the cars and watch out for Kamikaze scooter and bike riders.

With kids all getting into iPod and MP3 players it's getting real dangerous for them just crossing the road.  Wonder if this Ad. will have any impact? (boom boom)


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