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There WERE some graphic car accident photos further down the page. I've taken the most graphic off. Sick of the retards abusing me - people whose emotions are being manipulated by the populist press. But the remaining photos are still quite shocking. They were taken by officers of the Californian Highway Patrol who then uploaded them to email and from there they went viral - they're all over the net. I wouldn't be in a hurry to enter some of those sites though. They are full of viruses.

I'm leaving these photos up for a reason - THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DRIVE IRRESPONSIBLY. Yes I'm sorry for the girl. Sorry for the family. But that doesn't bring her back. But maybe if young drivers were to see these horrific images they might think twice about speeding - over 100mph this girl was going in that Porsche.

BTW don't be tempted to download the video that's posted on the site registered in Nikki Catsouras name (.net). According to, that site is owned by Russian cyber-criminals who have loaded several variants of worms and viruses into the video.
Malcolm Lambe
May 3, 2009

May 15

I've just seen a poll on Zimbio with 1453 respondents. Readers were asked -

Should websites be allowed to display the graphic pictures of Nikki Catsouras?

Yes, it's a newsworthy case and the public has a right to see - 43%

Yes, they should be allowed to show them, but they should avoid doing so out of respect for the family - 15%

No, the parents should get to decide whether these pictures can be displayed - 28%

No, graphic pictures like this shouldn't be showed on the internet for any reason at all, because children might find them - 13%

Nikki Catsouras Car Crash Photos

Look I had these photos up for a day and then I thought Nah, these are truly sad and awful and horrific and its just gonna be a bunch of sickos that come here to look. So I took them down. But after thinking about it I realised I was being hypocritical. I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. I wanted to see these pictures. So I spent some time looking for them. It's hard not to be horrifed by this. And to think what a waste of life and ask yourself "Why"? I've got two kids (4 year old and a baby) and I wouldn't like to think that we'd sometime in the future have an argument and then they went and did something like this.

You probably know the story. 18 year old Nikki Catsouras a.k.a. Porsche Girl had an argument with her Father and he took her car keys away. So she borrowed his $150,000 Porsche and was speeding in excess of 100MPH before hitting a Honda that was doing 70MPH and ploughing into this tollbooth.

Got teenage kids? Would you show them this? It's a hard call isn't it? On the one hand you don't want them seeing images like this (even though they're all over the net by now)...but on the other hand it might make them think twice before speeding and driving recklessly. Dunno. But I know these are haunting images. Don't click on them if you're not prepared to be shocked. Oh yeah...the rest of the story is that the family came across these photos on the net. Apparently taken and posted by a Californian Highway Patrol Officer. Now the family are suing CHP for $20 Million. Still doesn't bring the girl back though does it. Maybe these photos should be used in a Road Safety Campaign?

Nikki Catsouras-thumbnail.jpg
Nikki Catsouras Porsche pic.jpg
This is what happens
Nikki Catsouras accident-thumbnail.jpg
Nikki Catsouras death-thumbnail.jpg
Nikki Catsouras Honda-thumbnail.jpg
Honda she hit

WARNING: I've reposted one of the truly SHOCKING & Graphic photos at the very bottom. DON'T scroll any further if you aren't prepared for what is undoubtedly the most horrific photo I've ever seen. Truly - this is DEEPLY DISTURBING. And very, very sad.

Back in February the NYPOST had this to say about it - This past Halloween, 18-year-old Nikki Catsouras was killed in a car crash. A few days later, Catsouras' teenage cousin - answering a text message - flipped open her cellphone and was confronted with a picture of the mortally wounded Nikki, who suffered massive head trauma and lost most of her face and head, at the scene.
While Catsouras was still being mourned, more pictures from the scene were anonymously posted on the dead girl's formerly benign MySpace page, and they are now - without the family's consent, which is not needed - being used in at least one criminal-law class at a local community college. (Police admitted on Tuesday that an officer leaked the pictures; the family has filed a $20 million lawsuit.)

California Highway Patrol policy and the state vehicle code forbids Police from distributing crime scene photos publicly. November 15 a judge in California ruled that the Catsouras family's lawsuit against the California Highway Patrol for allegedly releasing the accident scene pictures can go forward.

That case was unsuccessful in March this year but the Catsouras family are appealing.

More from other sources - "Traveling at speeds exceeding 100 mph in a car her parents say she never had driven before, the 2001 Porsche Carrera zoomed northbound on the 241 before striking a 2006 Honda Civic. The Honda spun out, coming to rest in the dirt center divider.

The lone person in the Honda was transferred to a hospital with minor injuries.

The Porsche Nikki was driving crossed all northbound lanes and then the center divider. It hit a dip, causing it to go airborne. The black convertible then crossed all southbound lanes of traffic and came to rest upside down against the toll plaza."

And here's where we come to the nitty-gritty - In an interview this week, Lesli Catsouras said Nikki had not been drinking but had used cocaine the night before the crash – only the second time she had tried the drug, her mother said.

"The bottom line is, teenagers sometimes do stupid things,'' Lesli Catsouras said.

Two months before Nikki died, she was hospitalized for three days after trying cocaine supplied by a schoolmate, Lesli Catsouras said. Nikki had an inoperable brain tumor – first detected when she was 8 – that caused her to have a severe psychotic reaction to the drug.

Nikki took the Porsche because her parents were going to admit her to a hospital again after she tested positive for cocaine the night before she died, Lesli Catsouras said. Her parents had taken away the keys to her car, but she found the keys to the Porsche dangling in the house.

UPDATE ON LEGAL CASE: A judge in California ruled that it would be appropriate to move forward with the family's legal case against the California Highway Patrol for leaking the photographs. The family hired ReputationDefender to handle their lawsuit. This led to the California Highway Patrol issuing a formal apology and taking action to prevent similar occurrences in the future, after discovering that departmental policy had been violated by the two officers responsible for the leakage of the photographs. O'Donnell was suspended for 25 days without pay, and Reich quit soon after, "for unrelated reasons," according to his lawyer. As of March 21, 2008, the final ruling in the legal case was issued. Judge Steven L. Perk dismissed the case against the Department of the California Highway Patrol after both Reich and O'Donnell were removed as defendants. Judge Perk ruled that the two were not under any responsibility for protecting the privacy of the Catsouras family, effectively ending the basis for the case. The family's legal team is appealing the ruling.

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Nikki Catsouras a.k.a. Porsche Girldon't go any further if you are easily shocked. These photos are quite disturbing - but not as bad as some that are getting around. I've only posted one of the grimmest photos. There are others which are even more shocking - more like "war porn".