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Have a look at this (cheesy-sounding) Traffic Geyser program - its a way of getting your videos on to the first page of Google - often in the top spots. BUT be careful with your keywords. I've just uploaded a video using Traffic Geyser (where do they get these names?) and its not ended up where I hoped it would. I don't want to give you the keywords, but instead of landing on the primary keyword page on Google (haven't checked Yahoo and the others yet) it has taken 4 out of the 10 First Page listings on Google - including 1st, 3rd and 4th spots - when I enter "Video" and my keywords. Also shows the same results when I enter my keywords first and then "video". But still. That's pretty impressive. There are 1,960,000 listings on that Google Search. I only used about a third of the video sharing sites too. And a couple of social networks and a couple of blogs. So I haven't tested the full potential yet - there's a bit of work in registering to the video sites - especially if you create multiple accounts (you with me?).

Its not quite spam is it? More like so-called Blackhat Search Engine Optimization. But this is what you've gotta do these days. Every man and his dog is making and uploading videos. But what's the point if no-one's watching them.

So I didn't make the page I was targeting for my keywords but I got listed on the second page with a iFilm Video listing. And as I said I got 4 out of the 10 first page listings on Google and 2 of the second. In less than an hour. You could probably own the whole page on some keywords. (Update - I did end up "owning" the page for "virtual reality sydney harbour cruises" with 6/10 including the top four spots)

Traffic Geyser has a 30 Day Free Trial - you don't want to miss that. The Gold Edition allows you to post 300 videos of 100Mb (I think, must check) a month - this would be ideal if you are posting longish vids - you could make them into a series - Part One...Two Three etc. My 80 second vid this morning ran to 58Mb on .mov. I could have made it a lot smaller with DivX -

Anyway...just a short trial but this looks Very Promising - I like it!

Launch Videos With One Click -

Couple of days later....Now this is Very Impressive. Check this out - Google "getting videos on top of Google" and I'm #2 just under Google itself, with 23.9 Million listings. And for "Get your videos to top of Google" I'm #1 (with a bullet) with 16.3 Million listings. #7 for "videos on top of Google" - 25.6 Million pages listed. And for another variation of the keywords, "getting videos to top of Google" I'm #3 with 25.4 Million competitors. Wait...there's more! - "getting top of Google videos" was #4 with 16.8 Million pages listed.

Get a 30 Day Free Trial of cheesy-sounding Traffic Geyser here

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