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Come Back to Paris - It's Spring!

C'est le Printemps! Come back to Paris.

Come Back to Paris from wallyworld on Vimeo.


Naked Ladies Riding the Paris Metro

Paris Metro authorities, the RATP, are conducting an inquiry to find out how photographer Jam Abelanet was able to take these arty shots of nekked babes posed in the Metro. Be photoshopped wouldn't it? Pretty cool though. NotSafeForWork. More here at Jam's site. The book is out this week. Title? Fantaisies Souterraines - Underground Fantasies. So my question is - if it has indeed been photoshopped - how did he do it? After hours? This shot particularly. The photographer reckons he took every shot in situ either early in the morning or late at night. With the exception of one shot. Ah hah.231239-1584123-thumbnail.jpg
Bonjour tout le monde

The photographer says he was only challenged once during his photo sessions, receiving a 25 euro fine for crossing a safety barrier without permission.

He added that all the models stripped off once they were inside the Metro. Well yeah...would have looked pretty funny if they'd walked through the turnstiles in the bollocky.

"The subway is a place that everyone knows by heart, but it is always represented in the same manner," he said.

"To go and seek ignored aesthetics and to immortalise women’s bodies in their natural state was interesting." Quite.

The RATP has asked the photographer to remove some of the photos from his book because they're worried that some bozos might try to copycat the dangerous positions. I love Paris, don't you?

This has, of course, been done before. Most notably by celebrated nudie snapper Helmut Newton

Oh yeah...now I can say as seen on BoingBoing. Leave a comment below if you have any idea how he did these. Baring in mind (pun intended) that he says he took all of them, except one, in situ - in the original place. I don't believe it.

From a story I found reading the free Metro newspaper on the Metro (in French).

BTW here's the latest Paris Metro ad here - I can't help but wonder whether Jam would have made a better one.

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