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Ho White & The Seven Dwarves - How to Get Your Ass Sued by Disney


Ho White

& The Seven Dwarves. Unbelievably stupid advertising campaign from Australian ad agency The Foundry. Stupid because they've done a parody of Disney's artwork for Snow White & The Seven Dwarves to flog a raspberry-favored beer. Did these idiots think that Disney was going to stand by while they besmirched their Snow White brand? You can imagine the size of the lawsuit that's heading Foundry's way. Maybe "idiots" is the wrong word. "Morons" is more like it. The website page has been pulled but I was able to get these images from the Google cache. HoWhite

Here's the explanation that was on the site -
Anything But Sweet - The Foundry "Our partnership with Jamieson Brewery started with the redesign of their logo and the launch of Raspberry Ale. While getting our hands dirty with Raspberry Ale, we soon recognised that this beer was in fact ‘Anything but Sweet’. So we challenged the consumer’s notion of what this beer was, and created a striking campaign around this line. The strong packaging design and cheeky nature of the advertising work, hand in hand to create a truly unique brand identity, and so another brand transformation has begun."

That should probably read "And so another Disney lawsuit has begun.

Here's a link to the cache of AnythingButSweet.com and Ho White & The Seven Dwarves