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Everything You've Always Wanted To Know About Poker Chips But Were Afraid To Ask


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If you're interested in collecting poker chips there's an awful lot you need to know. Let's start with Illegal Poker Chips. What are they? Illegals are chips that were used by illegal casinos. They are fairly uncommon and thus classified as rare poker chips. The one in the thumbnail is an illegal club chip from the Hollywood club in Toledo, OH. If you want to see some more, go to this This Poker Chip Dealers Site where you can buy illegal chips from $15. There's more on This Page this time from illegal Texas casinos.

Illegal poker chips sometimes come up for auction on eBay. There was one there in July but none at the moment. Poker Chip collecting is very popular. A rare $5 Vegas casino chip from "The Mint" sold recently on eBay for $14,100 after lying in a woman's jewelry box for 47 years. PokerChips

Pharaoh's Club Poker Chips Set to Break Sales Records Again


Rare $5 Poker Chip Sells on eBay for $14,100

TheMintPokerChipWOW! Imagine this. An old bat found this rare $5 poker chip in her sock drawer and put it on eBay. Its a very rare chip from The Mint casino Las Vegas * and it sold for $14,100 last month. Amazing huh? Some of these rare poker chips can go for twice this amount. A $1 Showboat Casino chip sold two years ago on eBay for $28,988.88. There are only two known surviving examples. The woman who sold that one had it in her jewelery box for 47 years.

More on this at Chip Talk they talk about this The Mint item in the Forum section. One comment was
This chip is sweet! Vintage Las Vegas. Inlay Large Crowns are pretty rare as it is, not to mention, saw cut shaped inlay plus quarter pie.
- whatever that means.
  • The Mint opened in downtown Las Vegas in 1957. In 1988 it was sold and became part of Binion's Horseshoe. Hunter S. Thompson sets the first night's stay there in his novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Rare Poker Chips come up on eBay all the time.