Traction Man Exposes Shite NHS Hospital Food - Blog Goes Viral

Freelance journalist struck down by a bone and flesh-eating bug. Now battling against the NHS and DWP while being strung up in traction for the foreseeable future.
So reads the Profile on Traction man's blogger blog Hospital Notes very funny blog with daily snapshots of his shitty British National Health Service hospital meals.

Traction Man has been taking snapshots of his disgusting-looking food and posting the pictures on his blog in a game he calls Hospital Food Bingo. He encourages us to guess what's on his plate.

HospitalFoodBingoTraction Man apparently is a 47 year old freelance journalist who has spent over 20 weeks in hospital this year. Poor bastard. But this could be the story of his life. And its putting the spotlight on British hospital food.

One report says that researchers recently claimed that food in prisons was better than that provided by the NHS. Bloody hell. That's saying something.

Traction Man is also uploading the pics to facebook and he's had stories published all round the world - USAToday, BBC, Der Spiegel, The Sydney Morning Herald - just to name a few.

I checked his stats on Alexa yesterday and he had 430,891 sites linking in. I suggested he at least monetize it with Adsense but he replied
I applied for AdSense but was turned down as they said my site had poor navigation.
Which I don't understand, as Blogger is part of Google and adding Adsense is an option. Anyway, Adsense pays bugger-all so I suggested he put some affiliate links in his copy. That could work. Like this - "I wondered how you should cook Hungarian Goulash properly. So I went across to Recipe Secrets to find out. That's a blatant affiliate link BTW. If you buy that product I make a few bucks - a guy's gotta eat. LOL."


Teens Find $100k While Fishing in Creek

News from Australia this week of two teenagers finding $100,000 in cash on the banks of a creek they were fishing in. Tuntable Creek. Uh oh. That's where my hippie mate from this story lives. Wouldn't put it past him to have stashed cash in the creek - both his parents died recently and my mate has a history of stashing money in strange places. He once secreted $10,000 in cash in the panelled walls of an old weatherboard farmhouse he was staying in. He went to retrieve it a few months lately only to find the rats had been at it. He had to take what was left down to the Commonwealth Bank for them to try and work out what was what. Too funny.

On the other hand...and I hate to say this...but Tuntable Falls Co-Operative (read: hippie commune) is notorious for both pot-growing and heroin use. You work it out.

Here's the source at SkyNews and the ABC News had this tacked on to the end of their report -
Anyone who thinks the cash is theirs or who has information on the find is urged to come forward.
And while you're at it you might like to say how you came about it and what is was doing stashed on the creek bank. ROFL

Rare $5 Poker Chip Sells on eBay for $14,100

TheMintPokerChipWOW! Imagine this. An old bat found this rare $5 poker chip in her sock drawer and put it on eBay. Its a very rare chip from The Mint casino Las Vegas * and it sold for $14,100 last month. Amazing huh? Some of these rare poker chips can go for twice this amount. A $1 Showboat Casino chip sold two years ago on eBay for $28,988.88. There are only two known surviving examples. The woman who sold that one had it in her jewelery box for 47 years.

More on this at Chip Talk they talk about this The Mint item in the Forum section. One comment was
This chip is sweet! Vintage Las Vegas. Inlay Large Crowns are pretty rare as it is, not to mention, saw cut shaped inlay plus quarter pie.
- whatever that means.
  • The Mint opened in downtown Las Vegas in 1957. In 1988 it was sold and became part of Binion's Horseshoe. Hunter S. Thompson sets the first night's stay there in his novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Rare Poker Chips come up on eBay all the time.


Gmail Down? No Worries - here's a hack.

gmailhackGreat article on Lifehacker about getting into Gmail when it's down - like it was last week.

Last week's Gmail outage is just the latest in a long series of outages in our favorite webmail application, but you don't have to let that stop you from accessing your email and getting things done. Access Gmail Through Alternate Modes

Just because the Gmail web interface went down doesn't mean that Gmail is entirely down—often you can continue to access your account using one of the alternate web interfaces, which often are still accessible even when the regular web interface goes down.

Here's a quick look at each alternate method, one at a time, from the simplest to the most complex. (The more complex solutions are often better long-term solutions, while the simpler solutions are probably the easiest if Gmail just went down and you haven't already prepared for it.)

Sydney Harbour Cruises on New Australian Superyacht

First Superyacht for Sydney Harbour Cruises

The 38M (125 ft) luxury motor yacht “Platinum” is coming to Sydney Harbour for Christmas and New Year. This is the first time a true “superyacht” will be available for cruising on Sydney Harbour. Platinum is Australian-built and designed specifically for luxury cruising in Australia and the South Pacific. Launched in 2008, “Platinum” is without doubt the newest and most sophisticated charter vessel in Australia.

“Platinum” offers luxury accommodation for 10 guests in four double cabins plus a luxuriously appointed owners suite on the main deck with full ensuite and private spa.

Stunning internal features include the use of European Beech, Tasmanian Myrtle and Oak. Australian fine leather has been selected to enhance the timbers used in furniture and interior trimmings. The main dining table is solid Huon pine with Myrtle edging. The internal spiraling staircase has an eye-catching design of alternate metallic leather panels interspersed with polished stainless steel.

Platinum is equipped with the latest in technology, from her super-efficient main engines to the latest electronics, video surveillance and touch screen monitoring system in the bridge, Platinum is designed to take on any challenge.

Platinum has been designed and built in a way that really "raises the bar" at the top end of the luxury charter boat market in Sydney. She is stylishly laid-out over three deck levels with effortless entertaining in mind at every turn. Platinum can cater to cocktail functions for up to 100 guests or elegant formal dining for up to 10 guests.

More information on bookings and availability -
Flagship Cruises Sydney Harbour

Images: Platinum Superyacht Photos

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