MacSpeech Dictate 1.5.5 Review


MacSpeech Dictate Version 1.5.5

was released a week ago and I bought it. I went for Dictate because I'm on a Mac using Snow Leopard OSX. Otherwise I would have opted for Dragon Naturally Speaking - the PC version - they use the same technology. I've been doing a lot of typing lately and the Repetitive Strain Injury - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has reared its ugly head again. I definitely have it. I was tested a few years back - had the electrodes put on each finger and an electrical current applied. Awful experience. But confirmed what I'd suspected. As my fingers were going numb. The condition was probably aggravated by the fact I broke my right wrist falling off a truck - tying down a load - 25 years ago.

But there's another reason I bought this Voice Recognition Software - I like to have a conversational tone to all my copy - like I'm talking one on one to you. And I find if I dictate straight into MacSpeech or similar, it sounds natural. They claim 99% accuracy but I didn't believe that for a minute. And I still don't. But the results are pretty good. I've written about it here - MacSpeech Dictate Version 1.5.5 Review


Harry Connick Jnr is a Hypocrite

Big kerfuffle Downunder in Australia as Harry Connick Jnr accuses an Australian act on TV show "Hey Hey Its Saturday" as being racist - and the world's press beat-up the story. I don't see it as racist at all. But the same skit performed in the U.S. most definitely would be. But the funny part is Mister Harry Connick Jnr can be accused of the same thing. Check out this vid where he's impersonating a black preacher on MAD TV. See the thing is, you Yanks don't get our humor. What's offensive to you is perfectly acceptable to Aussies - even black Aussies, I'm betting. But there again, I'm not black. If anything were offensive in that skit, it was the whole Jackson Jive thing.

So, you know, "when in Rome" Harry Connick Jnr.


Pharaoh's Club Poker Chips New release - Great Investment Opportunity


Pharaoh's Club Poker Chips New Release

Do you consider yourself a savvy investor? Jump on this. The new release - as in new design - of clay poker chips (Paulson-like)from Pharaoh's Club is about to be released. These things went ballistic the first time they were released in 2005. Half a million of them were sold on the first day. Originally a boxed set cost $300. Now they are on eBay for at least $1500. Better than money in the bank eh? Go here to Chip talk to order. Bettter be quick though. These things are sure to sell out just as fast as the first lot.

BTW did you see that old "The Mint" clay chip that sold on eBay last month? A $5 chip went for $14,100. Woman had it in her jewelry box for 47 years.

Pharaoh's Club Poker Chips.


Everything You've Always Wanted To Know About Poker Chips But Were Afraid To Ask


Poker Chips

If you're interested in collecting poker chips there's an awful lot you need to know. Let's start with Illegal Poker Chips. What are they? Illegals are chips that were used by illegal casinos. They are fairly uncommon and thus classified as rare poker chips. The one in the thumbnail is an illegal club chip from the Hollywood club in Toledo, OH. If you want to see some more, go to this This Poker Chip Dealers Site where you can buy illegal chips from $15. There's more on This Page this time from illegal Texas casinos.

Illegal poker chips sometimes come up for auction on eBay. There was one there in July but none at the moment. Poker Chip collecting is very popular. A rare $5 Vegas casino chip from "The Mint" sold recently on eBay for $14,100 after lying in a woman's jewelry box for 47 years. PokerChips

Pharaoh's Club Poker Chips Set to Break Sales Records Again


Don't Fall Foul of the FCC. 

FCC - The Federal Communications Commission

is an independent United States government agency. The FCC was established by the Communications Act of 1934 and is charged with regulating interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable. And a bunch of politically-correct humorless bastards they are too. From their website -
History of Communications
Early TV Images: click for more information about these images

Most people know that if they watch television the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is part of their life due to its role in regulating interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable.

What people may not recognize is the extent to which every area of their life is intertwined with the communications technologies the FCC has responsibility to regulate. For example, because almost all electrical and electronic equipment emits radio frequencies, FCC equipment authorization rules protect you when:


Your child plays with a radio-controlled airplane,

Your teenager upstairs sends their homework assignment to the printer downstairs via your new wireless home network,

Your toll fee is automatically deducted from the little plastic box attached to your windshield without having to stop at the booth,

You swipe your credit card at the gasoline pump,

You push the button on your garage door opener,


You heat your breakfast waffle in the microwave,

The cashier at the coffee shop rings up your favorite morning drink using an electronic cash register and inventory control system,

The local video store contacts its remote, central computer network to find out if you have enough bonus points to qualify for a free rental,

You lock your car with your remote entry system,

You activate your home alarm system before going to bed.