My Membership Empire

My Membership Empire

My Membership Empire

You interested in creating your own membership site? Yeah, me too. That's the way to go if you're looking at making a regular income online - getting people to join your club and paying a monthly fee for the privilege. I've been looking into this. Had a good look at WishList - a Wordpress Plug-In. Not bad but there's still a bit of a learning curve to get up to speed on it. Then there's Josh Anderson's Nanacast membership site. That looks impressive too. But expensive - $97 a month entry level and $149 for the Premium (as used by Mike Koenig on "Traffic Geyser"). Frank Kern's mates are coming out with something too. Called Kajabi. But not released yet. What I'm looking for is something that's basically "point and shoot". i haven't the time to be learning complicated systems. I'm flat out just keeping up with what I'm doing online already. Lately I've been racking up 17-18 hours a day online - sitting at the computer. Sad, I know. So I just can't handle anymore of a workload. That's why I'm interested in this new membership site product - Check out "My Membership Empire" (bloody cheesy name huh?). This looks very interesting. Point and shoot. Looks like its going to be a few hundred dollars to buy but with no monthly fees. Cool.

My Membership Empire.


Soul Train Line Dance to Curtis Mayfield "Get Down"

Godamn! Is this funky or what. I can't start watching it and my two little children - 2 and 5 are dancing around the room to it (I should put that up on YouBoob) Get Down!


The Copy Nazi 

the copy nazi Internet marketing copywriterThe Copy Nazi? How shocking. You can't use that word. What will people think? Duh. Already I'm attracting sniper fire for the title of my new internet marketing copywriting services. So for all the humorless bastards out there - "The Soup Nazi" is the title of one of the most popular episodes of the NBC sitcom Seinfeld, first aired in the U.S. in 1995.

The Soup Nazi, played by Larry Thomas, was a Chef who was fiercely proud of his soup. The term "Nazi" is used as an exaggeration of the excessively strict regimentation he constantly demands of his patrons. Voila.

So I'm an online copywriter who's fiercely proud of his work and I don't suffer fools. Hence The Copy Nazi


Reuters Photographer Murdered in Baghdad

Shocking footage from of the gunning down and murder of a Reuters photographer, his driver and ten Iraqi civilians July 12, 2007. Then a further atrocity when these murdering Apache helicopter bastards open fire on a van that arrives to try and help one of the wounded. Two children inside the van also seriously wounded. This video was suppressed by the U.S. military. Now we know why. "Winning the hearts and minds" - yeah, right. Excellent article here at
A major reason there are hundreds of thousands of dead innocent civilians in Iraq, and thousands more in Afghanistan, is because this is what we do. This is why so many of those civilians are dead. What one sees on that video is how we conduct our wars. That's why it's repulsive to watch people -- including some "liberals" -- attack WikiLeaks for slandering The Troops, or complain that objections to these actions unfairly disparage the military because "our guys are the good guys" and they act differently "99.99999999% of the time." That is blatantly false. Just as was true of the deceitful attempt to depict the Abu Ghraib abusers as rogue "bad apples" once their conduct was exposed with photographs (when the reality was they were acting in complete consistency with authorized government policy), the claim that what was shown on that video is some sort of outrageous departure from U.S. policy is demonstrably false. In a perverse way, the typical morally depraved neocons who are justifying these killings are actually being more honest than those trying to pretend this is some sort of rare and unusual event: those who support having the U.S. invade and wage war on other countries are endorsing precisely this behavior.

1938 Killinger & Freund Frontwheel Drive Motorbike

Killinger&FreundLook at this beautiful aerodynamic German bike from 1938. It was Front Wheel Drive! Click on the images to blow them up.

The engine displacement is again 600cc and it is also incredibly light: 135k (with fuel), but this bike has a three-cylinder two-stroke engine in the front wheel. It has a transmission and a clutch, comfortable front and rear suspension and looks elegant and thrilling.

Extract from Wikipedia. -

The Killinger and Freund Motorcycle was an attempt in 1935 by a group of five German engineers from Munich to design a more streamlined and modified version of the German Megola front-wheel drive motorcycle. The work took three years to complete but the result was impressive. The engine displacement stayed the same as the Megola at 600 cc but was much lighter and more simplified than a standard 100 cc motorcycle of the time.

The photo was found by a Canadian guy in his Grandfather's WWII photo collection. Here's a close-up of the engine in the front wheel -