Top 10 Worst Website Names

1. Children Slaughter (Childrens laughter) - now redirects to LOL

2. Penis Land (Pen Island) - "Welcome to Pen Island! The best pens on the internet!" - server down. Blame Frank Kern

3. - Rim Jobs - server down but was a real site for Research In Motion. Tasty

4. Builders Crap (Builder Scrap) - "Saving the environment, saving costs" - right

5. Power Genitalia(Power Gen Italia) - "under construction" - something's going up

6. Whore Presents (Who Represents) - celebrity contact list - call a whore

7. Expert Sex Change (Experts Exchange) - parked site - M.I.A.

8. The Rapist Finder (Therapist Finder) - now redirects to - gee, just when I was looking for a good rapist too.

9. Speedo Fart (Speed of Art) - advertising fart directors

10. Michaels Porn Animation (Michael Sporn Animation) - "great videos for kids"


Carla Bruni Absolute Beginners Cover

Carla Bruni - Absolute Beginners
envoyé par sue_ellen123. - Regardez la dernière sélection musicale.

Carla Bruni - married to French President Nicholas Sarkozy - with a cover of the David Bowie hit "Absolute Beginners". I found this through an article on The Telegraph - that crap right-wing Tory rag from the U.K. And comme d'habitude they slag her off - saying

Judging by initial reactions, the French first lady’s version of Absolute Beginners, which has been leaked on the internet, may well sink a large nail into her already flagging pop singing career.

The version of Bowie’s 1986 classic, which she has recorded for a charity Bowie tribute album, has prompted a deluge of mockery.

"Deluge of mockery" huh? That's funny...I live in Paris and this is the first I've heard of it.

“It has to go down as one of the worst covers in the history of rock, although there are certainly a few by Tom Jones I would rank lower,” said Jean Daniel Beauvallet, a highly respected rock critic from Les Inrockuptibles, France’s Rolling Stone._

“I find the cover insignificant, a rush-job, badly recorded and badly produced as if done between a cigar and a glass of eau de vie.”_

Au contraire. I find it charming. I like the under-production. A lot of French Rock is over-produced.

“But above all, what’s incredible is the casual manner in which she goes about taking on Bowie. One has the impression she’s putting on an existentialist French sulk, as if she doesn’t want to be there.”

Cool by me. The French are good at that.

He said: “There’s a Marie-Antoinette side to her, I find it incredible she doesn’t realise that she can’t sing now, she doesn’t have the right to when the country is on the verge or exploding and she is Sarkozy’s wife. Can you imagine Cherie Blair or Samantha Cameron doing that?”_

Ah, no...I can't. Cherie Fucking Blair probably can't sing a note and is an ugly dog anyway.

The "Absolute Beginners" track is part of the album "We Were So Turned On" which has been produced for War Child International - a network of worldwide independent organisations to help children affected by war.

So fuck the Brits and their Telegraph. You rock Carla!


Piss Poor Ad

Does this spot piss you off? Its for the CLIO Awards - specifically for "Healthcare" advertising spots. It's targeted towards advertising copywriters and art directors. People like me. Sick people. ;-) Entries close today.(for the record, I love it)


BP Gulf Oil Spill - the "Response Plan" They Don't Want You To See

BP Regional Oil Spill Response Plan for the Gulf of Mexico as of June, 2009

If the spill went unabated, shoreline impact would depend upon existing environmental conditions. Near shore response may include the deployment of shoreline boom on beach areas, or protection and sorbent boom on vegetated areas. Strategies would be based upon surveillance and real time trajectories provided by The Response Group that depict areas of potential impact given actual sea and weather conditions. Strategies from t he Area Contingency Plan, T he Response Group and Unified Command would be consulted to ensure that environmental and special economic resources would be correctly identified and prioritized t o ensure optimal protection. T he Response Group shoreline response guides depict the protection response modes applicable f or oil spill clean-up operations. Each response mode is schematically represented to show optimum deployment and operation o f the equipment i n areas of environmental concern. Supervisory personnel have the option to modify the deployment and operation of equipment allowing a more effective response to site-specific circumstances.

More here - BP's Secret Gulf Oil Spill Response Plan


The Downfall of Crappy Sales Copy