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Adele Sex Tape

adele"Adele Sex Tape" or more precisely "Adele - La Sex Tape" screams the shout line on the French magazine "Public".

It's fake. There is no "Adele sex tape". Just a typical French beat up. Pun intended.

Adele is going to sue the magazine.

"Public" claimed they got the "sex tape" off a smartphone.

This comes just days after 23 year old Adele killed it at the Grammys - taking home 6 awards.

The "Adele Sex Tapes" probably won't damage her career - au contraire - the publicity might even do her some good. And let's hope she gets a good whack from the damages.

adele sex tape

She's doing well this girl. Reportedly just moved into a £15,000-a-month mansion just up the road from her new squeeze - described as a "37-year-old charity boss" Simon Konecki. That's him below.

So much for the Adele Sex Tape.

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