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Top 10 Worst Website Names

1. www.ChildrenSlaughter.com Children Slaughter (Childrens laughter) - now redirects to www.childrens-laughter.org LOL

2. www.PenisLand.net Penis Land (Pen Island) - "Welcome to Pen Island! The best pens on the internet!" - server down. Blame Frank Kern

3. www.rim.jobs - Rim Jobs - server down but was a real site for Research In Motion. Tasty

4. www.BuildersCrap.com Builders Crap (Builder Scrap) - "Saving the environment, saving costs" - right

5. www.PowerGenitalia.com Power Genitalia(Power Gen Italia) - "under construction" - something's going up

6. www.WhorePresents.com Whore Presents (Who Represents) - celebrity contact list - call a whore

7. www.ExpertSexChange.com Expert Sex Change (Experts Exchange) - parked site - M.I.A.

8. www.TheRapistFinder.com The Rapist Finder (Therapist Finder) - now redirects to www.CounselingCalifornia.com - gee, just when I was looking for a good rapist too.

9. www.SpeedoFart.com Speedo Fart (Speed of Art) - advertising fart directors

10. www.MichaelsPornAnimation.com Michaels Porn Animation (Michael Sporn Animation) - "great videos for kids"

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