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Reuters Photographer Murdered in Baghdad

Shocking footage from Wikileak.org of the gunning down and murder of a Reuters photographer, his driver and ten Iraqi civilians July 12, 2007. Then a further atrocity when these murdering Apache helicopter bastards open fire on a van that arrives to try and help one of the wounded. Two children inside the van also seriously wounded. This video was suppressed by the U.S. military. Now we know why. "Winning the hearts and minds" - yeah, right. Excellent article here at Commondreams.org
A major reason there are hundreds of thousands of dead innocent civilians in Iraq, and thousands more in Afghanistan, is because this is what we do. This is why so many of those civilians are dead. What one sees on that video is how we conduct our wars. That's why it's repulsive to watch people -- including some "liberals" -- attack WikiLeaks for slandering The Troops, or complain that objections to these actions unfairly disparage the military because "our guys are the good guys" and they act differently "99.99999999% of the time." That is blatantly false. Just as was true of the deceitful attempt to depict the Abu Ghraib abusers as rogue "bad apples" once their conduct was exposed with photographs (when the reality was they were acting in complete consistency with authorized government policy), the claim that what was shown on that video is some sort of outrageous departure from U.S. policy is demonstrably false. In a perverse way, the typical morally depraved neocons who are justifying these killings are actually being more honest than those trying to pretend this is some sort of rare and unusual event: those who support having the U.S. invade and wage war on other countries are endorsing precisely this behavior.

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