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Russia88 - Russian Romper Stomper

Russia88Russia88 - a controversial mockumentary movie of a Russian skinhead gang on the rampage, opened in St Petersburg this week - more than a year after its premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival in February 2009. Inspired by our Australian movie Romper Stomper - the debut for that over-rated Kiwi, Russell "I want to be like Brando" Crowe.

The film has been a hit with critics and festivals. Its director, Pavel Bardin , was awarded the “Discovery of the Year” prize at the Nika Awards — Russia’s Oscars. In St. Petersburg, however, the film is being screened in just one movie theater - on the outskirts of the city.

The Russian government have tried to shut this film down. You can see why after you watch the trailer. I can imagine it would inspire a lot of fascist morons - just like Romper Stomper did. Still...an interesting film.

A gang of skinheads «Russia 88» are filming propaganda videos to place them on the Internet (Youtube). As the camera records the life of the gang, they grow accustomed to it and stop paying attention to the filming. As the story develops, the leader of the gang ‘Blade’ discovers that his sister is dating a man from the Caucasus… The plot of the film comes from the imagination of the author but the imaginary story is based on the facts of present day life in Russia.

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