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1938 Killinger & Freund Frontwheel Drive Motorbike

Killinger&FreundLook at this beautiful aerodynamic German bike from 1938. It was Front Wheel Drive! Click on the images to blow them up.

The engine displacement is again 600cc and it is also incredibly light: 135k (with fuel), but this bike has a three-cylinder two-stroke engine in the front wheel. It has a transmission and a clutch, comfortable front and rear suspension and looks elegant and thrilling.

Extract from Wikipedia. -

The Killinger and Freund Motorcycle was an attempt in 1935 by a group of five German engineers from Munich to design a more streamlined and modified version of the German Megola front-wheel drive motorcycle. The work took three years to complete but the result was impressive. The engine displacement stayed the same as the Megola at 600 cc but was much lighter and more simplified than a standard 100 cc motorcycle of the time.

The photo was found by a Canadian guy in his Grandfather's WWII photo collection. Here's a close-up of the engine in the front wheel -


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