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Traction Man Exposes Shite NHS Hospital Food - Blog Goes Viral

Freelance journalist struck down by a bone and flesh-eating bug. Now battling against the NHS and DWP while being strung up in traction for the foreseeable future.
So reads the Profile on Traction man's blogger blog Hospital Notes very funny blog with daily snapshots of his shitty British National Health Service hospital meals.

Traction Man has been taking snapshots of his disgusting-looking food and posting the pictures on his blog in a game he calls Hospital Food Bingo. He encourages us to guess what's on his plate.

HospitalFoodBingoTraction Man apparently is a 47 year old freelance journalist who has spent over 20 weeks in hospital this year. Poor bastard. But this could be the story of his life. And its putting the spotlight on British hospital food.

One report says that researchers recently claimed that food in prisons was better than that provided by the NHS. Bloody hell. That's saying something.

Traction Man is also uploading the pics to facebook and he's had stories published all round the world - USAToday, BBC, Der Spiegel, The Sydney Morning Herald - just to name a few.

I checked his stats on Alexa yesterday and he had 430,891 sites linking in. I suggested he at least monetize it with Adsense but he replied
I applied for AdSense but was turned down as they said my site had poor navigation.
Which I don't understand, as Blogger is part of Google and adding Adsense is an option. Anyway, Adsense pays bugger-all so I suggested he put some affiliate links in his copy. That could work. Like this - "I wondered how you should cook Hungarian Goulash properly. So I went across to Recipe Secrets to find out. That's a blatant affiliate link BTW. If you buy that product I make a few bucks - a guy's gotta eat. LOL."

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