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Teens Find $100k While Fishing in Creek

News from Australia this week of two teenagers finding $100,000 in cash on the banks of a creek they were fishing in. Tuntable Creek. Uh oh. That's where my hippie mate from this story lives. Wouldn't put it past him to have stashed cash in the creek - both his parents died recently and my mate has a history of stashing money in strange places. He once secreted $10,000 in cash in the panelled walls of an old weatherboard farmhouse he was staying in. He went to retrieve it a few months lately only to find the rats had been at it. He had to take what was left down to the Commonwealth Bank for them to try and work out what was what. Too funny.

On the other hand...and I hate to say this...but Tuntable Falls Co-Operative (read: hippie commune) is notorious for both pot-growing and heroin use. You work it out.

Here's the source at SkyNews and the ABC News had this tacked on to the end of their report -
Anyone who thinks the cash is theirs or who has information on the find is urged to come forward.
And while you're at it you might like to say how you came about it and what is was doing stashed on the creek bank. ROFL

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