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Copulating Corpses on Show in Berlin

Copulating Corpses

from a new exhibition similar to the Body Worlds show which was recently in Paris. Something else for people to be OUTRAGED over.

Gunther von Hagens is the artist behind it. He preserves human cadavers - plastinates them.

The other exhibition showed corpses dancing and playing but this time Von Hagens is pushing the envelope by showing a lady corpse sitting on a man corpse and having it away. Isn't that shocking! I'm gonna call my M.P.

Uh...hang on...some killjoy already has.

To earn money with corpses is absolutely unacceptable. But this couple is the worst thing yet and should not be shown. said Alice Stroever, a Green Party Member of Berlin's Culture Committee.

A skinless man lying on his back with a woman sitting on him with her back towards his head. Shocking. Take this down Lambe! The Nikki Catsouras stuff was one thing and now this! Have you no shame?

I think it is revolting. Hagens rides on a wave of taboo-breaking and the couple plumbs the depths of tastelessness. I would prefer it not to be shown.
said Michael Braun, a conservative lawmaker in the Berlin parliament who also specialises in cultural affairs.

Von Hagens - has developed a plastination process in which the bodies of donors are preserved in hard resin and dissected in slices.

Death and sex are taboos. I am bringing them together.
von Hagens was quoted as saying, adding that two thirds of the men and one third of the women who donated their bodies to him had said they would be willing to be shown indulging in sexual acts.

He should be horse-whipped, don't you think? Copulating Corpses indeed!

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Reader Comments (2)

Don't let the Ned Flanders' of the world get to you. They just mope around, finding crap to whine about all day. No life, what-so-ever.

I went to the first BodyWorlds exhibit at the HMNS a long while back. It was an awesome experience to actually see what we're made of and how we work. Great exhibit for those of us with an open mind and intelligence.
May 7, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterveromango
ha ha ha! What a joke... I wish could see it. Oh well...
May 8, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterdelorumrex

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