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South Park on Somali Pirates

Somali Pirates We - check it out now on the South Park site.

Cartman (with eye patch) decides to go off to Somalia with a "pirate club" in search of booty. They get kidnapped and put up for ransom but end up hijacking a French ship and their stereotypical French crew. The kids come back expecting a pirate heroes' welcome, grog and all, but their ragtag comrades are too bored and addled-looking to care. The kids try to whip the pirates into shape with the help of a rousing musical number.

Funnily enough, the cartoon pirates speak flawless Somali. Mogadishu looks like an urban junkyard of crisscrossing telephone wires and sad-looking palm trees. All the tools of the pirate trade are accounted for: AK-47s, ammunition belts, a decrepit fishing boat with a "Yamoha" outboard motor.

Arr maties! very funny.


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