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Harry Connick Jnr is a Hypocrite

Big kerfuffle Downunder in Australia as Harry Connick Jnr accuses an Australian act on TV show "Hey Hey Its Saturday" as being racist - and the world's press beat-up the story. I don't see it as racist at all. But the same skit performed in the U.S. most definitely would be. But the funny part is Mister Harry Connick Jnr can be accused of the same thing. Check out this vid where he's impersonating a black preacher on MAD TV. See the thing is, you Yanks don't get our humor. What's offensive to you is perfectly acceptable to Aussies - even black Aussies, I'm betting. But there again, I'm not black. If anything were offensive in that skit, it was the whole Jackson Jive thing.

So, you know, "when in Rome" Harry Connick Jnr.

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Anyone who watched that show should be ashamed of themselves; anyone who took part in it should be ashamed of themselves; anyone famous like HCJnr should be doubly-ashamed, and I bet he sacked the publicist who pushed him there.

I didn't think it was racially offensive but I found it Very Offensive to the recently deceased and extremely talented Mr Michael Jackson.
and I love it that Conncik had that MadTV preacher skit in his past to be OUT-ed with. Hypocrite.
October 9, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMarshall Stacks

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