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MacSpeech Dictate 1.5.5 Review


MacSpeech Dictate Version 1.5.5

was released a week ago and I bought it. I went for Dictate because I'm on a Mac using Snow Leopard OSX. Otherwise I would have opted for Dragon Naturally Speaking - the PC version - they use the same technology. I've been doing a lot of typing lately and the Repetitive Strain Injury - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has reared its ugly head again. I definitely have it. I was tested a few years back - had the electrodes put on each finger and an electrical current applied. Awful experience. But confirmed what I'd suspected. As my fingers were going numb. The condition was probably aggravated by the fact I broke my right wrist falling off a truck - tying down a load - 25 years ago.

But there's another reason I bought this Voice Recognition Software - I like to have a conversational tone to all my copy - like I'm talking one on one to you. And I find if I dictate straight into MacSpeech or similar, it sounds natural. They claim 99% accuracy but I didn't believe that for a minute. And I still don't. But the results are pretty good. I've written about it here - MacSpeech Dictate Version 1.5.5 Review

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