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Somalian Pirates To Be Gibbeted

I'm loving the continuing saga of the Somalian pirates and the Russian tanks aren't you? You do know that the latest ship to be seized by these villains had a cargo of Russian T-72 tanks and grenade launchers? Now it seems the pirates have been arguing amongst themselves in true "Treasure Island" style.

A spokesman for SAP - the East African Seafarers' Assistance Programme, a local maritime group...(they aid and support pirates?)...said an argument broke out last night amongst factions in the 50-strong pirate gang over whether to free the cargo of tanks and 20-man crew.

There was a misunderstanding yesterday between the moderates and the radicals on board who do not want to listen to anyone.

I love that - the moderates. Presumably includes those who think it OK to terrorise crews and seize ships.

The moderates want to back-peddle. The Americans are close, so everyone is tense. There was a shootout and three of the pirates were shot dead.

Which still leaves 47 of the saps to be dealt with. The ship is surrounded by American and European warships and the Russians are coming. Somehow I don't think the pirates are going to get either the cargo of tanks or a ransom. Of course in the old days piracy was a capital offense punishable by gibbeting - secured in a cage and left to drown on the making tide. I'm all for it.

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