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Fake Video Purporting to Show Profanities and Insults Hurled at Obama During the First Debate

My friends over at Boing Boing have put up a YouTube video that supposedly has an audio track of a heckler hurling insults and swearing at Barack Obama during the first debate yesterday. Its an obvious fake but it seems to have backfired badly as viewers took it for real. Xeni Jardin - one of the BoingBoing team - obviously finds it funny and wrote (presumably tongue-in-cheek) that she's outraged but then has to explain the joke with an Update: I presumed the fact that the video above is a one-note quickie parody of a rapidly spreading political rumor based on this original material would be apparent to all comers. I was mistaken. For that, I -- HORSE SHIT! -- apologize. Thank you.

That's cool. We don't all share the sophisticated humour of Xeni babe or the guy who shared the vid with her - Andrew Baron of Rocketboom. But here's the rub - if you dare to criticize the posting of this silly video on BoingBoing (apparently the world's #1 blog) you run the risk of being disemvowelled - your comment stays but they take away the vowels and the letter y making it rather hard to read. Not impossible though. Try it for yourself. Go across to BoingBoing and make a comment like Why did you post this stupid video? and see what happens. I did. They haven't yanked the vowels on me yet but they no doubt will. I'm already on notice for saying to Cory Doctorow last week that if he didn't know the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist it painted him as rather ignorant. I also added Get it right for Gods sake and was censored by the Moderator for my rudeness. See my comment under Metronicity

I notice 16 of the 46 comments so far are either critical of the posting of the vid or critical of the disemvowelling of comments or both. I'd like to see 500 anti comments and see how they go keeping up with the disemvowelling moderation. So what are you waiting for? Get across there now and tell them what you think. Extra points if you work steampunk (BoingBoing's favourite topic) into the comment. Have a noice day, you hear.

BTW the phoney audio is lifted from Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket - which means YouTube is in violation of his copyright.

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