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Significant Australian Aboriginal Rock Art Find

An amazing series of more than 1500 paintings of Aboriginal rock art has been re-discovered by archaeologists in north-west Arnhem Land in the far north of Australia. As well as aboriginal and animal subjects, the paintings depict pearl luggers, coastal steamers, destroyers, biplanes, bicycles, rifles, cars and missionaries in white dog-collars.

The rock art was discovered by Aboriginal art experts in the Seventies and then lost to the world until a doctoral student at the Australian National University, Daryl Guse, rediscovered them with the help of a local elder.

The 1500 works in the Djulirri rock shelter in the Wellington Range chronicle Aboriginal contact with Maccassan traders from Sulawesi, and Europeans from the early sail ship days right through to WWII.

The floor is also amazing. There are stone axes, grinding stones, human remains, wooden artefacts, a buffalo thigh bone and shards of glass worked into tools scattered everywhere. A collapsed wooden platform covers a large area.

The rock shelter was of international significance, and of unprecedented artistic and historical merit, Griffith University archaeologist Professor Paul Tacon said.

Meanwhile the philistines of the world line up to pay millions for Damien Hirsts diamond-encrusted skulls, pickled sharks and other arty rubbish.

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September 21, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterR S Fuller
That ping-o-matic is great!!!!
September 27, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterR S Fuller

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