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Francis and the Lights

Oh yeah! Check out this guy currently gigging around New York. Clip shot on 35mm. There's a free download of their EP available here at A Modern Promise

The Top (Music Video) from Francis and the Lights on Vimeo.

They're playing Oct 25 in LOVE New York.

Their Website Designer says the video for The Top, was directed by Jake Schreier and shot on 35mm film with live audio. I designed and built amodernpromise.com for Francis and their label, Normative, which constitutes the video, a streaming version of the album (using an alpha version of Muxtape For Bands), and a way to buy it as MP3/AIFF or 12” gatefold vinyl.

The video itself is particularly special. Jake Schreier (also a member of the Lights) took the production to LA in order to shoot against a 3-wall cyclorama that wasn’t available in New York. They did three uninterrupted takes, using an Arri 435 & Angenieux Optimo 17-80mm T2.3 Zoom and shooting 1200’ of Kodak 5218 (pushed +1), with framerates ranging from 24 to 130fps. The audio is live, Francis is not lipsynching and the sounds you hear are real.

The texture of the film was so beautiful that in addition to the regular 720p download we’ve also decided to offer an insane-quality 1080p version in Apple Intermediate Codec, which preserves the grain, color, and intent of the original in a way that H.264 just can’t. If you can handle a 1.6GB download it’s by far the definitive experience.

More of Francis and the Lights on their Myspace account

"For Days" from Francis and the Lights on Vimeo.

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Good to see you...
September 5, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterR S Fuller

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