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New Zealand Spitfire Sale Sets New Record

This could quite possibly be the finest example of a WWII Spitfire fighter plane. The chairman of a Chinese shipping company has just paid an auction record NZ$2.8 million (US$1.8 Million) for this near-perfect example of a 1945 Supermarine Spitfire Mk XVI.

The Spitfire has been owned for the past decade by an Auckland flying family, who restored the pneumatics, hydraulics and paintwork after a full strip-down. All it needs now is a major engine overhaul and a new propeller fitted to be in perfect flying condition.

The Chinese shipping magnate plans to donate it to the China Aviation Museum in Beijing. Seems a pity it's not going home to Blighty.

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BTW there are less than 60 Spitfires still flying in the world. The price paid today was an auction record but as I understand it, private sales of Spitfires, especially those with Battle of Britain provenance, have been a lot higher than this.

You might be interested in this Supermarine Spitfire Workshop Manual - "The fascinating text, complemented by numerous technical drawings, cutaways and photographs, reveals every detail of the aircraft. From the fuselage and wing structures to the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine and its systems, including the cockpit instrumentation and controls, hydraulic and pneumatic systems and even the armour plating fitted to wartime examples.

As well as the technical insight, coverage includes a brief illustrated history of the design and evolution of the Spitfire and a fascinating look at the eye-watering costs and resources required to own and fly an example today. Former and current Spitfire pilots put the reader in the pilot's seat, and if you've ever wondered how to start the engine on a Spitfire, look no further! Maintenance, servicing and preservation are covered, and illustrated appendices provide details of a selection of surviving Spitfires, along with a full list of all currently airworthy examples around the world."

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