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Compressing HDV With iMovie and DivX

I've just edited 9:30 minutes of HDV footage shot on my CanonHV20 - on "Cine" setting at 24 f.p.s. and the "Night" setting which was put through a plug-in Solarisation Effect and "Rain" Effect on iMovie on the Mac. I compressed it with H264 and then ran it through a further compression with DIVX. The colours are somewhat washed out and there is some jerky footage (which isn't in the original) but it compresses the HDV footage (with effects remember) quite well - and the file size can be much smaller than Quicktime or AVI or even MPEG4. This one is 282.5Mb from 5.6GB. I might try uploading the original footage - it's going to take days.

To download the full version visit vuze.com

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