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Paris Houseboat Amphicar

Paris houseboat amphicar

Paris Houseboat Rental

This is the way to live in Paris - aboard your converted peniche houseboat barge with your Amphicar (amphibious car) lashed to the deck.

The peniche and amphicar is owned by Undersea Architect and visionary Jacques Rougerie. Its a 1964 model of the famous German marque - the Amphicar was the only amphibious mass-produced automobile.

Its powered by the 1147 cc engine from the British Triumph Herald 1200 - "state of the art" in 1961. The Amphicar can steam at 7 knots in the water and 70 mph (113 km/h) on land.

The Amphicar is steered with the front wheels - both in the water and on land.

3,878 vehicles were built before the company went belly up.

Concourse vehicles are fetching above $115K these days.

This particular car was restored here in France, with all the parts imported from the U.S.

BTW there lots of these peniche houseboat barges moored along the Seine - in various states of repair. A good one in a prime position can set you back a million dollars.

Good pictures and info on Amphicars here at Amphicars.com and yet more photos here at Google Images

3 bedrooms aboard
You want to rent a luxury Peniche Housboat here in Paris? Have a look at this one moored alongside the Bois de Boulogne

Amphicar Technical Tour
Cheesy but cool video of some technical specs of the Amphicar. Too bad he doesn't talk much about the engine and transmission but fascinating none the less.

Paris Houseboat

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