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Turning Water Into Gas

Water to Gas

Converting Your Car to Run on Water

I've been getting emails from Britisher Chris Whatisface - another one of these "send me $97 every month and I'll show you how to get rich working online" types. He's the guy behind Google Assassin, Day Job Killer and some other programs whose wacky names always elude me - "How to Sell Your Grandmother for Small Change on Ebay" or something like that. I'm a sucker for this stuff. I love reading the copy. I love the carrots they dangle - the seductive words they use. Notice how "Guru" seems to be the flavour of the month? Along with "reverse-engineering". All these guys are banging on about "The Gurus Won't Like What I'm about to Tell You" or "How the Gurus Make a Grand a Day from Affiliate Marketing"..."What Adwords the Gurus Ate For Breakfast"..."We Reverse-Engineered the World's Best Affiliate Program...

So Chris has been drip-feeding me information about a new get-rich scheme of his utilizing the Google Adwords program - you know, Pay For Click Advertising. He says he'll give me all the details to some hot keywords that are pulling $1500 a day from Clickbank in affiliate commissions. Yep $1500 a day. He says at the very least you can make $100 a day and he's going to go all altruistic and give this to me on a platter. Tomorrow when his Grab the Gurus by the Throat program or whatever its called - see I've forgotten already. Maybe it's called Nemesis or Google Nemesis. Anyway...

Here's part of what he say in the email -

"Inside this very important e-mail, I am going to...

==> give you a $1500/day PPC campaign

==> show you proof of my income - to the tune of $2.35 million.

...In a moment, I am going to let you "steal" a Google ad that has
dumped over $10,000 into my ClickBank account in the last week.

...But before I take a final hammer-blow to the gurus, before I debunk
all the myths about wealth-building on-line, I want to answer a few
of the questions I have been fielding all week..."

I've checked out his video. He does what all these guys do and takes us through his supposed Clickbank accounts. And yeah, it shows he's been making around $1500 a day. Now here's where it gets interesting. He tells us the keywords for this campaign. Apparently the best-performing keywords on Clickbank. And here they are in bold -

Water Fuel Cells

Apparently they are the keywords that are getting the most hits for Affiliate campaigns. All to do with - again in bold -

Converting Your Car to Run on Water

There are some other hot keywords too. Like Water to Fuel, Water to Gas, Running Your Car on Water, Kits to Convert your Car Engine to Run on Water - like that.

So come Tuesday, Chris-baby is going to show me exactly how to pull $1500 a day out of this Water to Fuel Scam...I mean program. I can hardly wait. What a concept - Converting Your Gas-Guzzler to Run on Water

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