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Hidden Treasure Found In 15th Century French House By Worker

I love buried treasure stories don't you? A young Portuguese building worker digging a trench last year in a listed 15th Century French house came across a pot of 600 Gold and Silver coins dating back to the 17th century King Louis XIII. Under French law he was entitled to half the spoils - with the other half going to the property owner. Apparently his boss wasn't too impressed when he found out and promptly fired him. The 27 year old young father hasn't managed to find work since. And his car is a non-starter. Which is why he's selling his share of the loot at an auction in Chateau de Cheverny today. Estimates range from €250 for one of the cheapest gold coins to €3000 or more for one of the rarer silver coins. Hmm...by my reckoning the trench-digger should be in for at least €100k. Not a bad day's work eh?.

Experts say that at the time of its stashing the hoard would have bought 15 horses or 75 cows or 165 hectares of good land.

Some good photos of the French and Spanish coins here in the Rouillac catalogue 231239-1625744-thumbnail.jpg

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