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Facebook - a License to Print Money for Some

231239-1617443-thumbnail.jpgFacebook applications are growing at quite a pace. Six months ago there were around 8,000 of them. Today there are 24,000. (140 new ones are added every day). And the top ones are making bullshit money. Check out these figures I got from Adanomics.com

Rank Installs Active Users Valuation
Slide 95,541,184 4,853,070 $324,135,448

Rock You 89,160,594 2,988,837 $251,213,915

Social Gaming Network (SGN) 46,499,844 893,396 $83,150,109

Zynga 45,613,410 2,259,458 $98,620,166

Chainn Inc. 23,858,400 535,301 $58,451,745

Blake Commagere 22,222,550 279,276 $29,512,877

42 Friends 19,899,134 450,666 $28,919,724

Flixster 18,998,134 569,944 $45,133,736

Watercooler Inc. 17,340,748 232,410 $15,374,382

iLike 17,340,300 346,806 $32,802,945

The Broth 13,615,883 117,881 $6,582,238

SA Ventures 12,204,828 1,342,531 $21,789,691

Slide, the Number One Facebook applications developer, has eight applications in its stable including the popular Fun Wall with 2.5 Million active users and Top Friends with 1.8 Million active users. How many Facebook active users are there? 60 Million isn't it? And look at the valuation of that Slide company - $324 Mill. Not bad eh? I'm interested in this 'cause I'm building an application at the moment - joining the other 400,000 developers who have grabbed their Facebook Developers API.

We're open-sourcing a significant part of Facebook Platform, including most of the code that runs Facebook Platform plus implementations of many of the most-used methods and tags. This release is just a first step in providing you a look into Facebook Platform, and we hope you’ll help us iterate on and improve it.

You can find more information and the Facebook Open Platform downloads on the Facebook Open Source Page.

Rich over at WidgetaDay says -

Now, developers can worry about building a good niche app and those within the niche will find it. Water eventually finds its own level, and so do web apps. The good ones float to the top, the bad ones sink to the bottom.

Hmm...let's hope mine's a floater. WidgetaDay also has a brilliant article on -

11 Must-Have Facebook Apps For Your Business

I'll just summarise them here and then link you to Rich's blog.

Since facebook launched its business pages earlier this year, there has been a proliferation of applications geared to the business user. In fact, the facebook applications directory lists more than 800 business applications at last glance. With so much free software just a click away, it’s hard to know the must-have, time-saving, money-making, productivity increasing apps for your facebook business presence.
So, to help you narrow down the selection and make sense of a difficult-to-navigate widget directory, we took some time to review our share of embedded facebook programs and have selected the ten apps (in no particular order) for your company page:

Static FBML
...integrate HTML directly on the page.

...add any flash file to your company page, visible to everyone. You may also browse their library to find a selection of popular games, animations and applications to add with the click of your mouse.

...enables its members to discover professional people, opportunities and privileges through its unique discovery capability and advanced contact management tools.

...helps you manage your project or business with a collaborative suite of tools. Schedule meetings with your team or group, organize an event, discuss ideas, share files, create to do lists, collaborate on docs and whiteboards, and assign tasks to increase productivity. MyOffice lets you quickly and easily collaborate with your colleagues, partners, or clients.

Tag Biz Pro Business Cards
...allows you to
* create a Business Card and customize it
* attach your Business Card to Facebook messages
* browse other cards and read comments
* let others know what you are looking for

...an online home banking application that interacts with a variety of financial institutions, so you can view your account balances, transfer money between accounts, review histories, and much more.

Huddles Workspaces
...allow you to store personal documents and share them with specific groups of friends. Up to 1Gb of free space, Huddle offers a collaborative approach to organizing and sharing files.

...allows you to quickly save your IOUs. When installed, the IOUs are displayed as post-it notes on your profile. Print IOU certificates. Share with friends and don’t forget that road fin you loaned your buddy on your last road trip to Vegas. The service works easily with friends who are not yet on Facebook, via their email address.

PRX Builder
...helps you easily create the next generation of press releases. Enhance your press release with new media elements such as links, multimedia, and social media service buttons for digg and del.icio.us. Automatically add Technorati tags and then distribute your release through PR Newswire.

Page Maps
...allows you to add a custom map to your business page or personal profile. Show your business locations or favorite spots around town. It displays a mini map requiring no additional clicks to see, and links to a larger map or directions.

...allows you to share your rollodex in a secure environment. You can also attach emails and notes to contacts, back up your list and exchange/compare with your associates.

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I wouldn't take the Adanomics valuations at face value. I don't think anyone would actually pay those prices for any of the top 10 companies. What's more telling is the kind of ad revenues they're actually generating at the present. But widget networks could be the media entertainment giants of the future. The potential is there.
June 4, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterrich

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