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How to Make Money Blogging - 7 Bombproof Ways

howtomakemoneyblogging.jpgI get asked all the time, like I'm some kind of blogging guru, "how can I make money from blogging?" And I usually answer "When you find out...tell me". Because to be quite honest, I make bugger-all out of this lark. There are some people making good money from full-time blogging. My fellow Australian Darren Rowse of Problogger is one of them. He apparently pulls over six figures a year from his various blogs. But even he admits that he was somewhat lucky by getting into blogging quite early - 2002 - when most of us had never heard of the word blog.

I started contributing blog posts with the now defunct Sydney Morning Herald blog Radar three years back. It was an unpaid gig and they sometimes chopped my stories to pieces which was a bit annoying but the best thing that came from it was I got a permanent link back to this blog from a major Australian broadsheet with a PageRank of 6 - deemed an authority site by Google.

So can you make money from blogging?

Bombproof Way #1

You'll read all over the web that one of the best ways of making money from your blog is to stick some Pay-Per-Click advertising on it. Programs like Google Adsense and Chitika. Well yeah...you can make money from that but unless you've got tens of thousands of visitors daily its not going to amount to much. Peanuts. Hardly anyone clicks on an ad. Do you? I'm currently getting around 6,000 unique visitors daily, which I suppose is quite good for a blog and I have 6,600 pages indexed with Google. I run a Wide skyscraper ad on the navigation column and some block ads in the copy. You'd think I'd do alright with that wouldn't you? Wrong. It helps pay the blog-host fees and the bandwidth and that's about it.
Some of the clicks pay quite well. Anything to do with dating or Search Engine Optimization or making money online can pay up to $2 a click. But usually the payouts on the other ads are quite small - 10-20 cents. So you'll need an awful lot of clicks to make any money this way from pay-for-click advertising. I've just about given up on it. I'm going to investigate CPM advertising instead - Cost Per Mille (thousand). Meaning I'll be paid so much per 1,000 impressions. Adsense is a combination of the two. I'm getting 222,000 page views at the moment so this might be the way to go. If they accept me. Last time I looked at this they knocked me back on content. But I've cleaned my act up a bit since then. So we'll see. I've applied to this mob - Casale Media but I'm not holding my breath. I can just see them spinning out about the naked ladies on the Paris Metro story for one. BTW I'm going to that guy's vernissage - his exhibition - in a couple of weeks at the Museum of Eroticism here in the Paris Pigalle district. Should be fun.

Bombproof Way #2

Donations. "Yeah, right" you're saying..."In your dreams". And quite rightly. You'll wait a long time to make any money out of donations. But it's not unheard of. When I first started this blog in 2005 I asked for donations through the PayPal Donate button on the side there and my regular bunch of readers who'd followed me across from Radar rattled the can. It was quite gratifying. Most of them sent me $20 but one Forex dealer chipped in $100 which really made my day. But since then...nothing. Oh wait...I did have one guy send me five bucks months ago. With a nice note saying "Your blog makes me laugh".

Bombproof Way #3

Amazon. Now you'd think this would be a stand-up start wouldn't you? I could throw up a link right here to Rule The Web - Mark Whatisface from BoingBoing's best-selling book. Something you'd think someone reading this would be interested in buying online. But no. Apparently not. I've tried and tried with Amazon. I've linked to relevant books. I've linked to Hot New Releases or whatever they call it. I've linked to music albums. And not a bite. Not one sale. Maybe this time. Check it out below. BTW BoingBoing featured me recently and I had an extra 60,000 visitors in a week. You'd think my pay-per-click advertising would have skyrocketed right? Nuh. My earnings/clicks stayed the same. I don't think a single one of those BoingBoingers clicked on an ad. Weird eh?

Bombproof Way #4

Affiliate Sales is another one the so-called probloggers say you can make good money on. And again, for me, the results have been dismal. The payouts can be good. Really good. I've made a couple of sales to what I think is a very good ebook on SEO - Search Engine Optimization - how to get on the first page of Google for your keywords. And I've made a commission of $60 or $70 bucks each time. But it's been a long time between drinks and...I dunno...there's something just a little bit distasteful about flogging somebody something that pays a kickback like that. But hey - don't let that discourage you. Buy from me. Here's a link to a program that teaches you how to optimize your pages to get higher rankings in the search engines (read "Google"). It's good. It's worked for me. I regularly hit the first page of Google.

Bombproof Way #5

Blogging pay-for-post programs. This was all the rage a while back and I thought it worth a go. But again - I've found it's hardly worth the time and effort. It takes a fair bit of work to write a good story and then to only get $10 or something is discouraging to say the least. I was making more than that as a magazine article rewriter thirty years ago. Think I was getting $80 a thousand words.

Bombproof Way #6

Write your own ebook/self publish your novel. There are plenty of self-publishing programs out there. LuLu is one of them. No I've never done it. And no that's not an affiliate link. But to make money like this your book would have to be pretty unique and you would need plenty of sales. Worth looking into.

Bombproof Way #7

This could work. If you scroll to the footer on this page you'll see an ad for GetAFreeloader...sorry GetAFreeLancer. It's an affiliate link. Meaning I make a small commission if you use their services. I can't even remember what the percentage is. 2 1/2% maybe. Dunno. Again I haven't made a cracker from this. But if you go through to that site you'll notice there are jobs advertised all the time. Quite a lot of jobs. I've just used this service to have this website built. Some Indian guys out of Delhi did the coding in PHP for me and it was very quick and cost probably a half or a third of what you'd normally expect to pay. You can post the project cost into their escrow program and release it in instalments as stages are finished. It didn't go without a few headaches but we got there in the end. But coming back to it, if you can code or design or write there are heaps of opportunities here to make money from blogging. I'm bidding for several writing jobs at the moment. I've steered clear of the write ten 450 word articles a day for $1 each and I'm trying to find somebody that wants me to run their blog or site. I reckon I'll get there. But I'll not work for $10 a day.

That's it - How to Make Money Blogging.

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