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GoogleX - What Might Have Been

What Google Search looked like for one day back in 2005. Google X was a Google Labs project released March 15, 2005 and yanked the very next day. Google has never explained why but the general consensus was that Apple spat the dummy over copyright infringement issues of its patented Mac OSX Dock user interface feature with the expandable widgets. Something I was hoping to do with this project until I decided to just K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple Stupid. Talking of copyright infringement...I've just registered the domain name xgooglex.com and I hope Google aren't going to come after me for cybersquatting. I've just got it parked for now. Don't know if I'll ever use it but I suppose if I tried to start a search engine with it or pass myself off as a Google business they would come after me. The law is all about intent isn't it? Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. But surely I could use this domain for, say, a site that talked about Google projects that have been aborted? Or something to do with people who used to work for Google? Or would they still have a case? I'm a bit worried I'm going to get a letter from Big Brother's lawyers now. But in my defence, the sub-title of this blog is currently "flotsam & jetsam from the web" and this is a classic bit of jetsam if ever I saw one - it sank without a trace.

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