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Facebook Poised To Be Britain's #1 Website

231239-1635914-thumbnail.jpgBloody hell! isn't this incredible - I knew facebook had more than 70 million active users worldwide but I didn't know it was that popular across The Channel with 8 Million users. Analysts from Nielsen Online, the internet research company, show the Poms, Scots, Welsh and Irish are spending 2.4 billion minutes on the website each month, a rise of over 1.9bn minutes on April last year.

Facebook is now only second to the instant messaging service Windows Live Messenger and will soon overtake it at this rate.

eBay is third on the U.K website Hit Parade followed by the Google gang with YouTube backing up in fifth spot.

Meanwhile back at the ranch ...

facebook application developers still see blue skies for more apps - even though there are 30k of them out there already.

The big-hitters Slide, RockYou, iLike, Social Gaming Network have got quite a lot of clout behind them. Slide has $50 Million of venture capital funding. I'll say that again - 50 big ones. So this is not a game. This is big business.

Slide has been acquiring other apps. that fit its style and facebook users share their tastes - 60% of them have installed at least one of its widgets.

Developers are targeting games, photo-sharing, travel, messaging, virtual gifts, recommendations and dating.

Hmmm...maybe I should be building a facebook application out of my brand new site YouAreWhatYouBeat. Anyone got a spare mill they want to throw at me for VC?

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