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Herr Hitler - He's B-a-c-k!

Fag hater
I've been talking recently about Nazi Influences in Advertising and here's another example from F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi in that known sanctuary of World War II Nazis, Brazil. This is the print component of a 'War' campaign continuing the Art Against Smoking theme - pointing out that smoking kills more people than Hitler and Bin Ladin. Yes very arty (not).
Maybe they should have mentioned that Hitler was a vociferous anti-smoking advocate. The Great Leader had once been a smoker and was expelled from school for smoking. But when he came to power he put the gaspers aside and his Nazi Party restricted tobacco advertising, banned smoking in public buildings, increasingly restricted and regulated tobacco farmers and ran a sophisticated anti-smoking public relations campaign. Which apparently didn't run to smoking jews (sorry...couldn't help myself).
The Portuguese copy on the ad reads Cigarettes Kill More.

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